Poly stretched fabrics

 Professional China Stretch Fabric Manufacturers
SNT Fabrics is a Chinese contemporary textile manufacturer with a conventional heritage. Founded in Shanghai China, over three years ago, we currently cater to different small-scale retailers and designers.
We Never Fall Short of Standards
SNT fabrics conform to severe Contract Standard. We are now one of the respected and best-known upholstery China stretch fabric manufacturers as a result of our many design-led collaborations and initiatives. Our specialty is wedding fabric.
High Quality China Stretch Fabric Manufacturers
Quality is built-in in our genes. We weave fabrics from the sourcing of yarn, through the fabric and the dyeing of yarn to match standards held by our Quality Control department. We perform an inspection at woven fabrics at three stages of manufacturing and hand finishing of each meter over light boxes.
Our Expertise
Our clients receive benefits not only from our expertise but also from our buying power. Our buying power and procurement capacity allow us to offer highly competitive prices.
Extensive Knowledge of our Products
Our team has got loads of experience in the fabric industry. As a result, our buying power and product knowledge are quite strong. Therefore, our customers get to benefit from our expertise and we offer very competitive prices with utmost quality.
Wide Range of Stretch Fabric
Although conventionally popular for wedding wear and other active sportswear disciplines, the versatility that stretch fabrics provide is widely recognized.
As a result, this fabric is now in use for several purposes than before. The purposes include fashion, event interiors, toys, pram accessories, chroma-keying, and the list goes on and the possibilities are endless.
SNT Fabrics aims to be among the leading names among China stretch fabric manufacturers. We aspire to break the barrier when it comes to meeting quality standards and being leaders in fabric innovation.

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