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If you've been involved in a vehicle accident, then you need to hire the best injury lawyers in philadelphia pa who will fight for financial recompense to compensate for your losses, both emotional and material. You may continue your daily activities as we handle your case thanks to the law specialists on SNT PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS who are committed to handling cases quickly.

Award-Winning Personal Injury Law Firm

Our sole focus is personal injury litigation at SNT PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS. As a personal injury law firm, our firm represents only people who are injured as a result of dog bites, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death and other similar incidents. The insurance industry is not the type of company we represent, and we will never represent it. We were founded with the philosophy that injured persons and their families should be able to obtain the same level of legal representation as large insurers. More than 5,000 cases have been successfully resolved through our ten years of experience fighting small and large insurance companies. If you need a car accident lawyer, call Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers P.C. today.

Our Process

Step 1: Keep Your Rights Safe

In the fragile period that follows a tragic event, insurance firms frequently take advantages of injured individuals. To safeguard your rights, with us legal team will begin taking over all interactions with the insurance carriers right away. This includes keeping track of the facts surrounding the case while they're still new and maintaining the evidence.

Step 2: Getting Medical Care

Using our service, you will be connected to the best medical specialists in your location for their expertise in diagnosing and treating your injuries. Our firm can facilitate medical treatment on a lien basis if you do not have the financial resources to pay for it out of your settlement proceeds if you are unable to afford it. Your medical bills will be paid out of the settlement returns at the end of the case when you are successful. Your personal injury claim will be evaluated and settled after all injuries have been diagnosed and treated.

Step 3: Negotiation

The at-fault insurance company will receive your “demand package” containing all documents supporting your claim. An acceptance, a counter offer, or a rejection will be issued by the insurance company after reviewing these documents. This negotiation will be communicated to you and your decision will be final.

Step 4: Pre-Litigation Settlement

Pre-litigation settlements are the most common, as most of our cases end up being settled before litigation. In exchange for the amount agreed upon in compensation for your case, you will sign a settlement release. In addition to negotiating with your medical providers, our law firm intention also seek to lower your medical bills so that you can keep the most of your money.

Step 5: Pursuing Legal Action

Upon receiving a reasonable offer from the insurance company, We'll take legal action on your interest. Your claim will be elevated and the settlement amount will often be higher as a result of this process. Rather than you paying out of pocket for litigation costs, our nyc injury attorneys will pay them on your behalf. Settlement funds will be used to reimburse these costs.

Step 6: Discovery/Testimonies

The majority of cases we handle are not tried by jury, but we prepare them as if they would. To support our case, we will need to gather additional evidence and hire experts. In a deposition, you are under oath to tell your story. As part of the mediation or trial process, the at-fault party is also subject to oaths to gather important details that we will use at the trial or mediation.

Step 7: Mediation

A mediator will usually listen to both sides of the case and make recommendations to settle your case before a jury trial. The mediator could now be capable of assisting the insurance provider in realizing the full worth of your claim. Similar to arbitration, adjudication is necessary when we're collecting through your insurance provider rather than the individual who was at fault.

Step 8: Jury verdict

To receive your compensation, you must complete this step. Following the presentation of all evidence by our experienced trial lawyers, a jury will determine compensation for you.





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