Shanghai Natural Trading

Shanghai Natural Trading Co.Ltd is a professional garment fabric trading company in Shanghai China, established in 2018. NATURAL has high efficient sourcing capabilities and a professional quality management team. Based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit, we hope to maintain long-term and good relations of cooperation with all customers.
The product lines of NATURAL are as follows:

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China Textile Fabrics Manufacturers

As a leading China textile fabrics manufacturers, Shanghai Natural Trading Co., Limited (SNT Fabrics) was established in 2018. Since then, we have never looked back and are among the fastest fabric growers in China.
SNT Fabrics integrates professional expertise, design, and R&D into the top production facility. We have the equipment that best suits our running production. Our staff works with industrial facilities that offer a huge capacity. That gives the versatility that you need in any event, during a season with a ton of interest. At the start of the season, we put a ton in yarn procurement. What's more, since we work intimately with coloring and weaving plants, we can undoubtedly give the most extreme arrangements without having you go through a ton of investment in any case.

What We Offer

You can discover a range of knitting machines for about any type of textile fabric. No factory can invest in so much machinery suitable for various fabrics. SNT Fabrics knows the customer requirements and it focuses on best material procurement, product, and market development as well as other adjacent tasks. Following are our offerings:
knitted jacquard fabrics
recycled polyester fabric
Cotton yarn dyed checks fabric
faux leather fabric
linen blend fabric
China Stretch Fabric
chiffon printed fabrics
china wedding dress fabric