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May 18, 2021
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June 21, 2021

Best Knitted Jacquard Fabrics Manufacturers

SNT Fabrics is among the fastest-growing knitted jacquard fabrics manufacturers in China. Through three stressful years, we have succeeded to gain a premium clientele by means of fair pricing, quality products, a wide variety of fabrics, and competitive advantages in the production process.

What is Jacquard Knitted Fabric

Jacquard knitted fabric is among those types of cloth that feature an intricate style woven into the warp on a special mechanical loom, instead of printed on the surface. This Faux Leather Fabric is available in a range of weights and compositions and serves multiple purposes.

Knitted Ponte de Roma Fabrics Manufacturers

We offer Jacquards in both contrast and tone-on-tone designs. Choice of patterns is unlimited: from knitted Ponte de Roma to classic stripes and polka dots to fancy botanicals; even conversational themes.

Unlike the prints that are applied to the fabric after it is woven, jacquard knitted patterns are created together along with the cloth. The beauty of jacquard looms is in their ability to interlace hundreds of warp threads to make unique designs.

Benefits of Jacquard Knitted Fabrics

The benefits of jacquard materials depend on composition. We have one of the best composition among knitted jacquard fabrics manufacturers. However, there are a few characteristics that are common. Most jacquard weave materials contain floats on the backside. Also, they are:

  • stable and durable,
  • resilient and strong,
  • wrinkle and wear-resistant,
  • pleasant to the touch,
  • loaded with decorative aesthetics

Along with jacquards we also offer knitted Ponte de Roma fabrics. We are also among the notorious knitted Ponte de Roma fabrics manufacturers in China.

Quality is our Weapon

We have our quality control lab and the most complete and advanced inspection equipment. This ensures the quality of our products. We have three kinds of productions: knitted, dyed, and printed. So, if you have to pick one among several jacquards knitted and knitted Ponte de Roma fabrics manufacturers, we are the one for you.

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